Many people in New Mexico have limited or no access to technology. In addition, the IT field lacks diversity, though having people from different backgrounds would benefit the development of software, hardware, and applications. And there are many employment opportunities for those skilled in technology. DiverseIT addresses these issues as a community resource offered through Adelante.

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Training Technology

Adelante DiverseIT provides on-the-job information technology training to populations who have been traditionally under-represented, including people with disabilities, women, and people of color. Each intern works cooperatively with the DiverseIT team while working on their own individual training plans and pursuing a variety of IT certifications.  We teach soft skills like customer service and good communication in addition to technical skills. We offer mentor experiences as well.

Participants gain real-world experience and build a resume, which means they will be more likely to find success in securing good paying IT jobs in the community.

We also offer training to the public, for example, Comcast’s Digital Literacy classes.

Recycling & Re-Use of Computers

Technology changes quickly, but your system, four years old or newer, can still benefit our community. DiverseIT interns refurbish donated computers and provide IT support services to individuals and organizations as part of the DiverseIT training program.

Refurbished computers are donated to people with qualifying disabilities or seniors who cannot otherwise afford them. Computers can help people return to work or pursue educational goals.  

DiverseIT also provides computers to social service nonprofit organizations, as a community resource – setting up offices or computer learning centers. Over a hundred New Mexico nonprofit organizations have benefited from DiverseIT support and services.

DiverseIT Repair Shop

DiverseIT offers repair of computers. Bring your computer to El Centro, 3900 Osuna Rd NE, and for a low fee we will repair your computer. If there are additional costs, the DiverseIT team will call you and let you know your options so you decide. We are not in the business of upselling.

Our new storefront on San Mateo will open later this year called DiverseIT Oasis, Computer Repair & Tech Training.

IT Services

Businesses and individuals can hire Adelante DiverseIT to repair or upgrade their computers. The DiverseIT team can help set up your network or printers, handle system updates, back-up data and more, at a reasonable cost that benefits both your organization and Adelante DiverseIT.

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